The stage are recognized in French law and are regulated.

A stage longer than 2 months must be paid and subject to an agreement that specifies the amount of gratification.

In all cases, a training agreement must be carried out jointly by the institution and the company. It must be signed by the student, the company and the institution of the trainee.

The duration of a stage in the same company may not exceed 6 months per for a student.

The amounts paid to the stage is not a salary but a gratuity. The minimum amount of it is fixed by a sectoral agreement, by a professional agreement or decree. On this basis, a negotiation between the student and the company is possible. In all cases, the employer must at least pay a fee equal to 12.5% of the hourly social security ceiling for stage over two months. At a minimum, the bonus is set at € 436.05 per month for a course of 35 hours, exempt from social security contributions, within the limit of the amount.

Below is the list of stage to be filled by network companies Isralink

Israeli labor law sees the stage as a professional activity in itself.

The first step to do is to obtain an entry visa to Israel with a tourist status for a period of three months to enroll in an institution.

Isralink has taken steps to create a visa allowing any French to engage in an activity related to his studies. Another possible solution for an intern from France: the Voluntary International Enterprise (VIE). The VIE enables French companies to appoint an 18 to 28 years professional mission abroad for a flexible period of 6 to 24 months, renewable once. The experience takes place in a world-class French company approved by the state.

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